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Mountains of Friuli

An idyllic destination for a one-of-a-kind wedding on the Friulan Mountains

Looking for a special destination for the most important day of your life? If you love nature and sport (especially outdoor or winter sports) and feel the need to “take a break” from stressful day-to-day life, planning your wedding on the Friulan mountains is just right for you! Romantic landscapes, a fairytale setting and a charming atmosphere without equals… all this and much more await you here on the mountains of Friuli!

Romance is in the air

Close your eyes and imagine… bucolic, traditional churches set in a breathtaking natural setting… charming, deeply authentic mountain towns where life still follows a slower pace… a "fairytale world" where the bond with tradition and legends is still strong and the importance of nature can still be deeply felt… What better setting could you wish for a romantic wedding on the Mountains of Friuli dedicated to self-discovery and relaxation?

And if you are more the “active” sort of person, a long wedding-weekend in the Alps of Friuli is guaranteed not to disappoint! If you are looking for a one-of-a-kind winter wedding dedicated to skiing, snowboarding and ice-skating or for an active yet romantic summer wedding enriched by healthy activities such as mountain biking, trekking, nature tours or exciting ones such as paragliding and kayaking, you will just fall in love with Friuli and its mountains!

Simple and rustic for an exciting wedding dedicated to nature or comfortable and luxurious for your total relaxation?

No matter what you are looking for, a wedding on the Mountains of Friuli will be like living an actual fairytale!

Romantic and evocative, the charming typical buildings made of stone and wood of this area provide its visitors with a matchlessly beautiful setting as well as with a great variety of choices: all you have to do is concentrate on your wishes and desires. Would you rather have a romantic Alpine refuge as the setting for your big day or would you prefer the matchless atmosphere of a traditional restaurant? A rustic and genuine mountain cabin or a charming and cozy hotel with spa and panoramic swimming pool? Whatever your wishes, the mountain will provide you with an unforgettable, extremely romantic atmosphere bringing to mind the scent of glowing fire crackling in the fireplace or the fragrance of brushwood and fresh mountain air. Could you wish anything more romantic for your wedding on the Mountains of Friuli?

Historically, the mountains of Friuli can be distinguished in several different areas: Carnia (Cjargne in the Friulan dialect) located at the northwestern end of the Friuli region, whose most important town is the charming Tolmezzo; Val Canale (Val Cjanâl in Friulan dialect), a mountain valley located in the Eastern Alps and separating the Carnic Alps (West) from the Julian Alps (East), a favorite for skiing and ice-skating because of its charming towns and winter-sport-resorts Tarvisio, Malborghetto-Valbruna and Pontebba; and Canal del Ferro (in Friulan Cjanâl dal Fiêr) also separating the Carnian Alps from the Julian Alps, very traditional and authentic. Friuli also shares a portion of the Venetian Prealps with the neighboring Veneto region. Different from one another in history and appearance, in all these areas you can still feel and breathe the spirit of mountain, still strong in its enchanting, in part still wild, nature.

Just contact us to learn more about the possibilities of your romantic wedding on the Mountains of Friuli: we look forward to hearing from you!

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Enhancing quality and service level through unity

Enhancing quality and service level through unity

FriuliWeddings proud member of Friuli Wedding Network. Constantly pursuing quality excellence and optimal efficiency for our brides and grooms, the wedding planning agency FriuliWeddings has embarked on the special idea of the wedding network Friuli Wedding Venezia Giulia. As members of this competent wedding network, you will have the possibilities of relying on our network partners, offering the highest level of excellence in the wedding field: each service provider has in fact a long-standing, well-established experience in the wedding and event industry! Benefit from the very best with FriuliWeddings and Friuli Wedding Network: your wedding experts in Friuli, for the big day of your dreams!.
Themed weddings in Friuli

Themed weddings in Friuli

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