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Competence, enthusiasm and sensibility: your dream wedding in Friuli

A wedding planning agency with a long and successful history, FriuliWeddings wedding planners helps brides and grooms making their dreams come true since 1999.

There is hardly anything more important, emotional (and sometimes stressful) than your wedding: it is your big day, when you celebrate the big love of your life and start a new life together. Having the possibility of counting on the professional assistance of a planner is therefore a great relief and assurance to the success of this important day.

Professional wedding planners based in Udine: we plan your wedding in Friuli to perfection

We are located in Udine, and have a very strong connection with our region: we know and love Friuli Venezia Giulia and can therefore help you finding out the most suitable, charming and romantic wedding location for the big day of your dreams.

In order to plan the perfect wedding it is vital to create a fruitful relationship between the wedding planner, the couple and the wedding vendors, based on trust and respect: we pay the greatest attention to every detail and make sure that everything is carried out to your full satisfaction. Each event differs from all others and matches the wishes, vision and hopes of bride and groom.

Dialogue, planning and exclusivity

We listen carefully to all your wishes and desires and help you understand how to make them come true: in order to make sure everything is satisfactory and in line with your hopes and expectations we always discuss everything in detail with you. Dialogue is in fact the main ingredient of a perfectly planned wedding: we are talking about your big day and you should feel that everything has been tailored just for you. We are very proud of our flexible, friendly though professional approach that our brides and grooms consider as one of our greatest plusses. We believe in the importance of dialogue and invite our couples to have regular phone or Skype conversations to discuss all details.

Your personal professional wedding planner will in fact accompany you throughout the whole wedding planning process: from the earliest planning and brainstorming stages to the supervision and coordination on your wedding day, you will always have someone at your side you can count on and rely upon.

A team of professionals in the wedding sector

We work together with professional wedding vendors and service providers, which we consider as trusted partners we know will provide you with outstanding services. However important experience and professionalism might be, when planning your wedding we will never neglect the human and sensitive side of it.

Our expertise rests on our long experience: we work in fact as wedding planners in Friuli since 1999 and have planned all kind of religious, legal or symbolic ceremony.

James and Vicki
"We just wanted to say a huge 'thank you' for your help in making our wedding day so perfect. We..."
Barbara and Johann
"Die Trauung hat uns sehr gut gefallen und es waren alle sehr, sehr nett!!! Liebe Federica, so..."
"Patricia and I are extremely happy which our decision to work together with you! We got great feedback for the organization of our wedding and also the selection of the vendors (musicians, catering, DJ etc.) We wrote a review about you. The resume of our review is “5.0/5.0” Thank you..."
A special wedding by the sea

A special wedding by the sea

Romanticism, fun and genuine atmosphere: discover the romance of a marvelous seaside wedding in Friuli Imagine the romantic feeling of a splendid wedding by the sea… the romantic and soft music of waves gently crashing on the beach… the emotional yet enjoyable atmosphere of a “seaside vacation” blending with the romance of a wedding… long beaches stretching as far as the eye can see… A romantic sunset casting light reflections and creating beautiful plays of light on the water surface… Unbelievably romantic! Symbolic ceremonies, religious weddings can all be organized directly on the beach, providing you with a splendid setting for an unforgettable day! And after the ceremony, nothing better than an elegant reception in a luxury hotel or an amusing party in an exciting club or restaurant by the sea! Just contact us to learn more about the possibilities of a wedding by the beach in Friuli!.
A fairytale castle in a splendid region

A fairytale castle in a splendid region

A romantic wedding in a castle: your big day as if taken out of a fairytale Close your eyes and imagine your dream wedding… a majestic castle surrounded by soft rolling hills as far as the eye can see… elegance and romance everywhere you look… splendid gardens where holding a charming wedding reception or a romantic symbolic ceremony and marvelous halls providing you with the perfect background for an unforgettable wedding… Delicious food and exquisite locally produced wines… A wedding castle in Friuli is an actual dream come true! Discover the splendid wedding castles of this amazing region: from the romantic countryside castles of the Collio region to the imposing seaside fortresses of the rocky coast of Trieste, organizing your wedding in such a splendid historical building will allow you to live an actual dream!.
Enhancing quality and service level through unity

Enhancing quality and service level through unity

FriuliWeddings proud member of Friuli Wedding Network. Constantly pursuing quality excellence and optimal efficiency for our brides and grooms, the wedding planning agency FriuliWeddings has embarked on the special idea of the wedding network Friuli Wedding Venezia Giulia. As members of this competent wedding network, you will have the possibilities of relying on our network partners, offering the highest level of excellence in the wedding field: each service provider has in fact a long-standing, well-established experience in the wedding and event industry! Benefit from the very best with FriuliWeddings and Friuli Wedding Network: your wedding experts in Friuli, for the big day of your dreams!.
Themed weddings in Friuli

Themed weddings in Friuli

Theme weddings in Friuli are fun: add an “extra special touch” to your big day to make it truly unforgettable! Imagine your perfect wedding day… romantic, elegant, classy… there are many styles a wedding could follow, but nothing adds to the beauty and charm of your special day as selecting an actual “theme” to accompany you throughout the wedding. From the simples themes, such as the choice of a color or decoration that will mark all areas of the wedding reception and ceremony location, to the most complex involving a tribute to a hobby, passion or movie, the wedding theme offers infinite possibilities to organize a unique and exclusive wedding without equals. The theme you choose is an actual leitmotif that will accompany you throughout your wedding day: from the wedding dress to decoration, from the ceremony to the wedding reception, we will help you harmonizing every detail with your desired theme. Ask your wedding planner about further information and advice for your preferred wedding theme!.
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